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Case Studies

2016 - Case Study 1

The mandate for the product team at Cynapto was to create a learning platform that would take the best from the real world (offline) and combine it with the best of the online world.
Based on indepth discussions with stakeholders and market research, the product team defined a product vision that would enable anybody anywhere in the world to learn, in a way that suited them the most.
The system would have to enable learners to learn in groups, chat with friends, reach out to teachers and mentors for advice, and track each other’s progress.
Artifical Intelligence and Deep Learning/Machine learning models would be needed to create personalised learning journeys that could adapt and grow with learners, helping educators intervene where and when required.
Location would not be a barrier anymore - students could be based anywhere in the world, educators anywhere; groups could work simultaneously from all corners of the world, on projects, learning or simply building interpersonal relationships and absorbing each other’s cultures.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality would bring in a layer of reality, depth and complexity, taking learning as close to real world learning as possible.
Computer vision technology would be deployed to allow students to work offline and submit non-digital work for the system to review and grade.
Badging and credentialing could be done through a complex blockchain deployment.
Lessons could be as big or short as the trainers/teachers decided. Content could be circulated through audio/video/text or even HTML5 gamification.
Testing could happen on a micro or macro level. Assessments and simulations could be setup as per the learning pathways.
Trainers/Teachers/Management/Parents could derive deep intelligence about student learning, both on an individual, as well as, group level.
Backend systems would allow curriculum management, institution administration, faculty/hr management, and a host of other systems to measure and monitor performance relative to work and learning.
This ambitious, overarching project is in continuous development, while the early implementations have happened/are happening at several client installations such as the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017, Modi Mundi Pharma, Glenmark Foundation etc.

2016 Case Study 2

We were approached by a citizen’s group in Kochi, Kerala to help them convert Kochi into one of the safest cities in India. We worked with the group, non-profits, Police and the Collector’s office to create the app for their survey and a women’s safety app that would be intuitive and easy to use. We built the system to work with the local police’s Quick Response Teams and to have a unique identifier for all public transportation for enhanced safety.
Sadly, even though the products were developed, internal differences led to the project’s termination.